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Physical Therapy

We offer a variety of services to best serve all our clients from well trained and experienced therapists.

Manual Therapy

We use a variety of techniques for an individualized approach to complete recovery such as: 

  • Myofacial Release

  • Muscle Energy

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy

  • Adhesion/Scar Management

Therapeutic Exercise

Complete recovery and healing while building strength and easing pain. 

Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Evaluations

An evaluation will provide a physical assessment of musculoskeletal structures to help enable us to recognize normal joint appearance and alignment, normal joint range of motion and will help us recognize basic abnormalities of musculoskeletal structure and function.

Out Patient Prosthetic Rehabilitation

Find a gentle and encouraging team of therapists to assist you in rehabilitation.

Sports Inuries

Complete healing while regaining and building muscular strength and endurance, reversing muscular imbalances. 

Hand Therapy / Massage Therapy

Regain mobility in the joints and ease arthritic pain in the hands. Or enjoy an relaxing massage to ease pain and aid recovery; or a deep tissue massage to manage nagging injury/pains and break up tissue. 

tucker canine dog.JPEG

Tuckers Canine Therapy

Optimize your partner's rehabilitation through hydrotherapy. Our personalized care compliments veterinarians and veterinary hospitals by adding hydrotherapy rehabilitation for our four legged friends. Along with rehabilitation, the hydrotherapy treadmill can be used for fitness training and weight control.

It is our goal to give back to the community by providing free hydrotherapy for military, search & rescue, and police dogs. More information at Tuckers Canine Therapy Foundation. 

Custom Foot Orthotics

Struggling with foot pain or constant injuries? You may benefit from custom orthotics.

The process for making custom orthotics at Tailwind PT is as unique as the patient's mechanics. There is no such thing as a "standard custom orthotic."  Find more information here. 

Aquatic Therapy

 Our underwater treadmill is used to supplement physical therapy and fitness as it offers a low impact workout.

Benefits include:

  • Quicker recovery due to water's natural hydrostatic pressure, reducing swelling & inflammation

  •  Buoyancy of the water allows you to improve cardiovascular fitness levels w/out the pounding & shock on joints, tendons or muscles

  • Builds more muscle mass in shorter amount of time, due to the increased energy expenditure per stride

  • Mentally & psychologically water is refreshing, calming & soothing leaving you rejuvenated & relaxed even after a hard workout.

Custom Bike Fitting

Find the perfect fit for your bike with our expert Sam Waples in bike fitting. Click here for more information. 

Personal Training

We have in an house premier fitness studio that offers fitness classes, from yoga & pilates to TRX & H.I.I.T. The trainers at Tailwind Fitness are skilled, highly qualified, certified professionals. Or if you prefer one-on-one training, hire one of our personal trainers to help you reach your goals. We offer group fitness classes, youth classes, sports conditioning and our indoor winter cycle class. In addition to our trainers and group fitness instructors, we offer nutritional services.  Find more information at Tailwind Fitness

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