Custom Bike Fitting and Foot Orthotics

Custom Bike Fitting

Bike Fit appointments are scheduled in 1-hour increments and can take 2-3 appointments that include a physical assessment, video analysis of cycling biomechanics and appropriate changes to the bike and foot-pedal interface to address the cyclist’s injuries and concerns. Medical bike fits are usually covered by health insurance in accordance to the appropriate physical therapy diagnosis.

Wedges, small spacers, screws and a few other small parts are included. Any equipment needs (such as stems, handlebars, pedals. etc) may be purchased at a local bike shop.

What to Bring: bike, shoes, cycling clothes, helmet (especially for neck/mid-back pain)

Custom cycling orthotics are light-weight shoe inserts specifically designed for you to optimize your cycling mechanics and comfort. Nothing fits like a custom orthotic made specifically for you and your feet.

Please see Kit's biography for additional information.  

Custom Orthotics

The process for making custom orthotics at Tailwind PT is as unique as the patient's mechanics.   There is no such thing as a "standard custom orthotic."  The blue print for each orthotic is designed in-house and is based upon the static and dynamic characteristics of the patient.  Each person moves thru a detailed manual  evaluation and dynamic biomechanical video gait assessment.  The orthotic lab that fabricates the orthotics is the best in the nation and works only with the nation's finest medical professionals. The master designer is both an artist and a fabulous manufacturer. He and Kit work as a team to produce the most effective and comfortable orthotic for the patient's biomechanical matter how complicated. 

Custom orthotics serve to address many lower extremity issues.  These include (but are not limited to) structural leg length differences, plantar fascitis/foot pain, knee pain (patellofemoral syndrome, meniscal damage, osteoarthritis), low back pain, stress fractures, hip pathology (pre and post surgery), etc.  Many diabetic and neurological issues also benefit from custom orthotics. 

Appointments for a full gait assessment/casting are 60 minutes.  Bring 2-3 pairs of shoes (daily, sports, etc) and shorts.  Prepare to be drawn on and to move (walk, run, etc). The fitting appointment (60 minutes) is approximately 3 weeks after the evaluation (unless the order is rushed for an additional fee**).  Each orthotic is further adapted for the patient's comfort and mechanics if needed.  

**Please note that rush fees are NOT covered by insurance and will be due at the time of service.

Please see Kit's biography for additional information.